Snivy says hi


I haven’t necessarily been BORED during class… I just have some time to spare >.> So I drew a picture of Snivy… the lizard I let go T.T (Man I hope he’s still living….) I miss that little dude!! Smart one =3

So I’ve been really busy with school lately. Didn’t post yesterday cause I spent most of the day doing my paper and running errands and all the other stuff that gets shoved onto my lap throughout the day xD It sucked. So I just gave up on trying to post something cause  it wouldn’t be interesting!

Though~ Today… today… tooodaay…
….. today I forgot I had a club meeting. Today I ate fatty food. Today I had jamba juice! (White gummy bear~) Today didn’t fall asleep. Today I figured out I forgot to read something and so so so glad I didn’t get picked on because of it! xDDD

I have a full day of class tomorrow and I’m hoping I can get by with my phone keeping me entertained >.>Weather has been gross today too. It was like warm sticky air blowing in the breeze with an overcast. It was… weird. Probably gonna rain soon I bet >.> It’s gonna be a day I least know it because I only have a really really pink umbrella in my trunk of the car….. ohhh… that’s just asking for lightning to strike me eh?

Oh! I’m planning on making my own messenger bag and what not. Details are still being worked out but with a serger in tow I’m hoping I can make it alot easier than it would’ve been without one! Yea.. I know this post is just everywhere… so sorry! I’ll see how tomorrow goes so I can post something more cosplay related. Actually… I started doodling asuna’s and kirito’s outfits in class today. I’m gonna know how to make them like the back of my hand =3



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