I shall name him Snivy.


I named him Snivy >.>

See… I have a thing for snakes. I’ve grown to like them alot! So when snakes with legs came along… aka a lizard… I couldn’t resist T.T Basically.. this little guy crawled into my cousin’s shirt… and now he’s stuck in a bottle. For now. I REALLY want to keep him but I know that’s not very smart…. >.> I can barely take care of a bunny … and I don’t even take care of the dog (aunt does that I believe) soooo… I’m not sure if I should add a lizard into the mix…

Anyways… I named him snivy after…well the pokemon =3 too bad he’s not green >.< When he first saw me.. he looked.. tilted his head to the side.. then tried to climb up the glass wall at me xD It was… it was cutee!!! So he sold me >.> I REALLY want to keep him. REALLLYY!!!

But I know I should put him back into the wild >.> I don’t think he lieks begin caged…. but would he if that meant nice water and food all the time?! Maybe huh…. I shouldn’t have named him >.> I shouldn’t be giving him a bigger cage! I swear I’ll let him go tomorrow T.T

>.> If I can.

Other than that…. I came home to him and school pretty much was a drag. I felt the full 3 hours of one class and barely felt the 2 hours of my other. Weird how that works. I guess doodling does help!! But it also helps that my 2 hour class doesn’t… really require too much of my concentration >.>

Okay… im gonna see if I can make little snivy happy. I caught a cricket for him! Yea sounds gross doesnt it? Well my brother just threw over the little clear ipod nano case over a cricket that was walking across our floor sooooo…. not like it was hard xDD Lets see if snivy can own this cricket xD annoying crickets…..



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