Pasta craving. Done.


There are always those days when I want pasta… then when I actually have it… my craving is gone like completely. So is it really a craving or is it just missing something. It’s like… I don’t CRAVE someone. I miss t— Okay. I don’t miss people >.>If I’m that attached to someone I think I would do my best to NOT miss them….

I remember reading something or someone telling me that if you have a craving it’s because your body is lacking that… thing. I can see many flaws in that of course >.> Unless my body i lacking boba? xD Maybe water if anything lol!

OH right. Picture above: Carmela’s Pasta at Macaroni Grill. And in the way background is the flat-bread Gee had~

Anyways… I went to school for one class today xD Since my professor got stuck in traffic…. soooo!! My paper is also due LATER~ I’m so happy because I would have had to rush it tonight…. but instead I’ll just finish it up on Saturday ^^ I still have to read tonight though >.> Hur. xD I mean I love reading but.. it’s such a chore =3= Talking about reading… I still have a book of the weather warden series on my bedrest waiting for me to read it!! And I’ve been really wanted to play the PSP lately… >.>



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