Across the pond~?

Today my friends said it was my day apparently xD It’s because we didn’t really have a plan on what to do so… we just winged it xD Doing so… Bry showed us the really pretty pond near his house~ It’s.. REALLY nice.. I love the houses on the waterfront!! I want one >.> I’d also have the pond than an ocean too xD even if you can’t go into it.. it’s just.. nice.

We also went to a shopping center where I splurged (actually Gee paid…) on chocolate. Truffles! Not very yummy >.> I only go to Godiva now.. cause I know they will have yummy truffles!! Then Had starbucks and got a green tea frappe but… by the end of it me and GEe both were starting to think they used milk that’s old … cause it left a bad taste in my mouth afterwards and he couldn’t even drink it cause of the taste in the beginning. =.=

Our day was also cut short because… Hea had to go home early so guess what me and Gee did? Macaroni Grill =3 Decent stuff… I mean.. what I got wasn’t the greatest… what he got was a lot better o.o I dunno.. I’ll have to go back and buy one of their $18 entrees instead and see how much better it is xDD But I Really should have gotten their ravioli then >.> OH well. I don’t know why I didn’t stick with my original idea lol

Alright. Had a outgoing Labor Day =3 Wo~



5 thoughts on “Across the pond~?

          • well you are good at taking pictures that look great so dont be so hard on yourself about it.The only thing in which gee is actually much better is in taking pictures of you(that doesnt mean that he is bad in taking pictures like the one above you and him are kinda at the same lvl well he has somewhat more the eye for some things but you have the eye for some things he doesnt have^^) because, photographing yourself as being yourself is hard its easier to take pictures of others rather than of yourself if you are the one holding the camera^^ even i have problems to photograph myself it mostly looks so dumb^^

            (the text was again a long one i allready did shorten it so you dont need years to read it^^)

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