Measurement galore


I can’t believe how much math I do with cosplay -.- sewing = math!! T.T Ohwell~ here’s a peak at what my commission sheets normally end up looking like xD This is just a snippet… there are more pages full >.> Oddly enough… I really love planning everything out ^^ I’m also glad I dedicated a sketchbook to just cosplay planning.. because it really looks cool when you flip through it lol!

I had a nice 2 hours or so of pure shopping. What’s sad is that I didn’t find.. what I was looking for T.T So sad!! I was also insanely tired afterwards T.T I still don’t have a purse for Vegas! …..Maybe I’ll be able to find one there…. Can’t hurt to do some light shopping there right~~~??

I’m also really into Scrapped Princess.. the anime! It’s like… after passing episode 5 I’m sucked in T.T Thanks a lot Gee… you suck. xD <3



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