Lounging upsidedown


Boba <3

This place for boba was… decent. I really liked their mango green iced tea~ I ended up trying the Almond Milk Tea because some people swear their lives on it xD It was… normal tasting. The Earl Grey Milk Tea was good though! And I believe Gee got a Green Milk Tea.. like always… and it was… okay. I rather have had the Almond one~

Today was such a lounging day… I actually sat on the couch (kind of upside down too because it was so hot..) and watched undercover boss for awhile.. I think I watched a whole episode and then some of the next~ It was… fun xD Relaxing!!

So my friends think I’m crazy because I have never.. watched Sailor Moon. Well.. I watched a few episodes from who knows what… but Gee convinced me to watch it from the beginning~ So I’m on episode 17? And WOW are the voice actors annoying!! =.= Mainly the side characters but… ugh -.- I so hope it gets better…



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