Why was it so hot today?! And I Decided to go to an outdoor mall?! UGh. xD

Got some Tastea today~ A Buttload of fries (yes that’s what it’s called) and a mango kind of smoothie.. I forgot it’s name actually xDD Today was a complete shopping day but it was so tiring because we were both looking for something specific.. when in the end we should have bought both items when we first saw them =.= Would have saved us the trouble xDDD But…. on the bright side we found a new place to shop at ^^

I was so sad…. Gee found a dress for me at Forever 21 and It didn’t fit me!!! A small was too big T.T I hate that… it’s cause it’s a one size fits one….. since there is no elastic or sash so…. >.> Go figure. OH well…. I came home to Boiling Crab…. home style. But it tasted exactly the same just… less because mother didn’t want to fatten me up with it >.>;; Hing.

Finally bought some presents!! Still haven’t gotten them all >.> Hur. OH I also decided to drive today and not just once but TWICE was I stopped dead in traffic because of a car sandwich collision which had to be moved to the side =.= It sucked but oddly enough… didn’t make me mad. Road rage today wasn’t that bad… I’m surprised myself xDD



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