Cute bow~


Ah I really do love my bows =3 Today I was really happy~ I’m a little more confident in my store online which just makes me work harder =3 I also did some major cleaning and reorganizing today which is a relief really. The picture above is just me wearing my bow ^^ I love it~ It’s the only one I’ve kept for myself and haven’t put on sale xDDD I want to make something later on to show the many different ways of wearing my bow~ or.. actually… maybe I’ll create a contest for it! It might be fun and lets me give stuff away~

Right now it’s getting hard to juggle all the work I have….. I have real estate, tax, and now I’m really trying to get more products into the store T.T It’s hard! But I’m not complaining ~ I like always having something to do.. Though I do have to get on making that commission this week. Finish a commission in a week? No biggie right? I know it’s gonna suck to procrastinate it and then have to do it during school time >.< Ugh, I want to avoid that!

I really wished I got before and after pictures of my storage boxes… I had thread just in a regular brown box while dirtry pennies had a nice plastic container! Yea, you can guess where I decided to put my thread >.>



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