Started the game “Risk Legacy” Today which basically is the game risk with a whole bunch more complicated stuff and a game you can only play once… did I mention it was also expensive? So I had to go rush on home just to have a surprise play day -.- So this is what day 1 of the game looked like at the end… my brother decided to name my lovely yellow continent “West club” and I named my lovely greenland HQ “Cuteness” fitting huh? Don’t ask why I got greenland >.> I actually was last to pick T.T

Other than that.. the day starting from the morning was fun ^^ I… woke up early and went out to a new city to explore~! So we found a really great sorbet place, a new mall which I finally bought my dress at for Vegas, then tried a new boba place ^^ Which was.. okay. Like… it was so odd because one drink had like 4 flavors in it o.o I wonder how that happened….

Oh! Did I mention I went crazy over some huge Joanns store? It was awesome!! I bought a few remnants ^^ But now I have a stomach ache from… barely eating today. Then eating  a bit too much. So I’ll just go on and deal with that in some dark .. soft corner. aka: bed.



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