Ah I love how Starbucks can spell “nikki” so many different ways =3

Let’s see… I’ve gotten: Niki, Nicki, Nicky, Niccki… yea…. sometimes I even get Vicki xD People really like calling me that >.>

So Starbucks is so bad for me.. I go there to buy a Iced green tea and they have the promotion going on right now where you come back after 2pm if you bought something before 2pm and get a grande for just $2 >.> So I get cheap tea in the morning and come back for a frap >.>;;; GReat huh? Hey, Green tea frap doesn’t have any coffee in it so I can drink it as late as I want ^^

I know I didn’t post today cause I didn’t have anything really.. interesting. Apparently some earthquakes but… nothing that I felt xD Thank goodness… they’re scary >.> Like… it’s the ground taking revenge on us and we can’t do anything about it! (other than build some very creative foundation I guess…) I mean… I don’t blame it. We dig in the earth as much as we can… cover it with cement… and it’s all cause we evolved this way. Yea, the indians and their tents probably didn’t care too much about earthquakes. So what if one tent went down >.>

Okay okay, don’t always take me seriously when I Say these things xD

But today was..eventful. Ran around with errands and went to a meeting~ …okay.. seminar? Not the most interesting stuff but it really makes me want to learn feng shui…



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