poof~ aziatix!

“The magic POOF” *poofs* 

oh gosh I just love that xD Okay this group — Aziatix — I originally didn’t really like but.. after listening to thme in the car for awhile… I reeally like their songs o.o “slippin’ Away” is what got me hooked but man.. I’m loving this song now >.> That and a few others… too bad the rapper isn’t as great as T.O.P. BUT, even so, it’s not so bad. I just thought I would share xD

Now I’m gonna post up this next video not because of the music so much but… because of the VIDEO. so WATCH! Even though I’m not an art junkie I seriously couldn’t tear away from the screen xD I mean it’s.. cool!! Soo reminds me of the olympics~~

“No matter where we go, we’re gonna do the impossible” =333 Heck yea.


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