Hahaha laughing.

“They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same”

You know sometimes I wonder… do the people who think are all the same think they are really the different ones? I mean I know this is all subjective to each person but… Hm. I just want to know if this is a quote that really applies to.. well… everyone. xD Well let’s face it… I’m pretty odd. Guys have stopped talking to me because of my love for the craft of cosplay <3 Odd isn’t it? Why stop talking to someone who has… such a great passion for something? But I suppose a fanatic about sports would not go well with me who is a fanatic about fabric xD

Now why am I writing all this? Nope, nothing recent happened to me to write this. Well, maybe in my past but honestly? I’m so.. so…. bored. I’ve been in such a weird state where I’m being productive, I went out, I cleaned, I ate, I…. I’m satisfied! But… that’s it. I’m just… satisfied. You know what? I blame Gee. He’s in New York and there is literally no one on my chat who is on to talk to me >.> Yes… I have facebook and what not but I feel as though someone will just irritate me more than keep me company. Did I mention I got like 4 bows done today? I also finished some huge boba cup (SUMO ME) I also took pictures, finished the eevee ears (finally) and and…. sketched! TWICE! I watched Digimon until I was bored and played Dragon’s Nest until I was kicked off >.>

What is wrong with me =3= I need to keep busy!!!



4 thoughts on “Hahaha laughing.

  1. Be happy that boys dont talk that much anymore to you aslong as your friends talk to you all is fine and i remember that one post where you said that you dont like how a lot of boys tried to go on a date with you after asking you to help them with school stuff or anything else and its better to have not to much boys talking to you than 1000 boys constantly stalking you isnt it(its my opinion i hate it when boys constantly try to go on a date with you its annoying it would be only nice if someone i like from his character would ask me iam not interested in the looking of that someone because good looking and a bad character is no use at all because love has to do with feelings not with lookings.)

    • I think I remember seeing something like “looks is what captures attention, personality captures the heart”
      what you wrote reminded me of that ^^

  2. and i personally like you for beeing different than the others:) even i cant know you that well via the internet i only see text pictures about one specific event in your life^^ but its better to know less about someone than all it would be creepy to know all about someone especially for the person him-/herself.

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