Cause its Greek Yogurt


What is this fad that went on with Greek Yogurt? I went into the yogurt isle looking for some regular yoplait stuff… or something along the lines of that (honestly.. whatever is cheaper xD) and I came across this instead! now.. I haven’t tried Greek yogurt… but I saw people eat it like it’s the best thing in the world! I know It’s suppose to be healthier for you but…. taste and healthy doesn’t always go hand in hand >.> (its nice if it does though!!) Soo… I tried it today.

….. We had a bite and didn’t like it -.- It had an odd consistency and the fruit was barely even there!! But I thought… that was just a first bite and you need a second or third to just get used to it ….. yea…. no… Sooo I think Greek Yogurt is a no-no for me… I may try it again in the future if someone like spoon feeds me it and bets something that I’ll like it xDDD

Aside from that…. today was an interesting day. I still didn’t buy the dress I wanted but… it’s because when I found it.. they used part of the dress to keep it hanged which led to the dress being ruined -.- I wanted to yell at the employees because of that >.>Oh did I mention it looks like fate doesn’t want me going to Vegas?! T.T Why do things keep getting my waaaay!! hur.

OH! Bright side: I was able to eat a burger today~ Okay… a really.. flat… burger >.> but I’m getting there xDD Gee kept laughing at me eating =3=



3 thoughts on “Cause its Greek Yogurt

  1. greek yogurt has really high protein and low fat. great if you are looking to lose weight and build muscle. i agree with you about the taste though – it’s just like really concentrated regular yogurt.

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