Normal spaghetti.

So I ended up not buying the dress… I can hear Kasu just going “WHY NOT?!, you’re going to regret it -.-” But you know what? I went to try it on again and.. I dunno… it just didn’t look right. The two fabrics didn’t match as much as I wanted it to and it shows my figure off a little.. TOO much? See that can be bad if I decide to eat a lot >.> Hence today’s picture:


Spaghetti~~~ wo! I got something noodle-ly because of the teeth >.> It’s honestly easier for me to just slurp and inhale it xDD Good stuff.. satisfied my pasta craving~ But I’m still kind of tempted to go off to the market to buy Alfredo sauce… >.> It’s a favorite~ But too plain to get at a restaurant… weird huh. Oh right, if you wanna know more about the place we ate at you can here.

Today was such a moody day for me.. I had headaches, side aches ( from the workout yesterday), tummy aches, and all in addition to my tooth throbbing aches. >.< Yea. Full of pain. Not being happy about the dress didn’t help >.> GEtting nagged at for only halfway cleaning isn’t that great either -.- I give up >.> Can I move out now? xD

Ugh. So tired. I have to stop sleeping at 3am T.T It’s such a bad habit!! I know I have more to write but I’m coming to a blank… odd…



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