girlss best friends


And no. I’m not talking about diamonds xD Maybe later on in the future xD I’m talking about shoes! You know how… many many girls are obsessed over these thing….How odd is that? It’s just… SHOES! And shoes that practically kill our feet for that matter -.- Yet there is a certain charm to them that even though it can be torture to wear them… we still want to. The ones you see up above is the only pair I found today that I really.. really liked. At least for the occasion I’m thinking of. So no it’s not for everyday weaar~ I actually did buy a pair of ‘flats’ to finally replace my old ones~ only $10! Wo!! These were a pretty silver color~ Not… tacky silver either… it was nice silver! I loved them~ I could live without the peep toe part though >.> I don’t like my toe sticking out xD

Today was like a shopping day… and we finally tried a new food place! It was weird… it looked like a fancy resturant but it was…. casual like a panaera bread or something o.o It was so odd…. I dunno. It was good though~ I could live without dipping bread into oil and what not… I think it’s weird xD I’d rather smother it with butter >.> lol!

that pretty much describes my day… other than the occasional pain cry-out because my friends made me laugh so hard -.- Also, sushi sucks to eat when you can’t open your mouth widely T.T!!!



One thought on “girlss best friends

  1. The shoes obsession is only because girls have compared to boys 1000000 kinds of shoes boys have only shoes and not highheels and so on( i dont want to count all^^)

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