shaved ice :3


You have no idea how good this looks to me right now T.T all I want to eat all day is ice cream and stay far far FAR away from rice in some soupy water =.= Wisdom teeth suck! Yes… I can still chew but I don’t think I’ll be able to fully utilize that ability until tomorrow XD At least it hurts less today to swallow >.> (that or the painkillers really ARE working!!)

OH right. The picture above is shaved ice! It’s from a place called Get Shaved where its apparently suppose to be just like the same type of shaved ice in Hawaii. Not like I would know. >.>;; It was pretty good… still like shaved snow better >.> But this was good too, I only like the ones with condensed milk in it though xD It was also my first time trying macademian nut ice cream… interesting really. shaved ice and ice cream together is pretty good~

So since I am technically still healing today I played a lot of Dragon’s Nest and just… tried catching up and replying to people as much as I can! I also bought some things off of ebay for the goodness of my store (which means I did NOT buy the $30 bow bag I so desperately want … and need at this point since hun bun decided to bite a hole through my purse currently…)

Ive also been hungry constantly all day… maybe it’s because it’s hard to scarf and stuff down food? Seems right.



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