Greeen Tea Cake


Sister’s birthday and we got her Green Tea Mousse Cake =3 It was yummmyy!! =3 I like it alot because I could eat so much of it and not get sweetness overload~ Plus… it helps that it looks really pretty ^^

Today was a procrastination day and what not.. people kept distracting me and I had a whole bunch of little chores to do… I barely got anything done =.= Thanks friends -.- you guys are ruining my lovely reputation.. or actually… they are just.. reinforcing my bad one lol! (aka I tend to be late… on many many things)

Let’s see… I paid for classes which … really sucks because that’s just money flying out the window for me to have loads of stress on my shoulders and what not… Anyways…. feel free to look at the cake~ wo!



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