Guess that poke– bug!!


A bug that I wasn’t afraid of~ It was actually… sort of….cute!! It’s why I took such a close picture of it~ Gee was staring at it for quite some time to figure out if it was a moth or butterfly. See… I said butterfly just.. because I think it’s sort of cute! I know I know… flawed thinking with no backup to it -.- But so what? Then… Gee decided to go nerdy on me -.- Something about antenna shape? Anyways… I forgot what he thought it was… I did know these little critters had a little mane-like fur thing! I think that’s what makes it cute… with the wings of course~ I dunno.. I just like… fur on animals >.>

That nerdy moment is nothing like what I got today when he said something about a lab… thing… he’s… doing >.> I mean.. yes I could TRY to understand it but let’s face it.. I would only be able to scratch the surface. But before you go on thinking I’m stupid, he doesn’t want to hear about fringe benefits and how group term life insurance isn’t tax exempt over $50k… I think, See… I’m still trying to memorize it -.- Been having a hard time that’s all!

I’m SO behind on everything right now I’m starting to stress out o.o Way too much going on at once.. and I still haven’t found a suitable internship >.>



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