Becoming Link


I’m currently working on a Link commission and I haven’t taken pictures for awhile but then I remembered I took this picture on my phone to see how the colors would look on a camera versus in person. As you can tell… the middle one really pops out~ It’s actually a really lovely color in person too ^^ So you can only guess which one I ended up getting~

It looks like my commissions have been getting around or… people just see the one place I put up my banner for it xD Anyways… I have my hands full this week with doing this commission and STUDYING! Yea… my mother is actually trying to make me take and pass the test by the end of summer o.o That’s 3 courses crammed into a month! I think that’s worse than summer school -.- Plus it’s studying by myself with no one to help me.. so it’s lonely T.T

I’ve been looking at the cosplay sites that I’m apart of and.. man I haven’t updated in a long time! Plus.. I don’t have photoshoots for some of my more loved cosplays…. I have to get on that… soon!!



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