Fire ferret <3

This is quite late since I actually watched the finale episode when it came out… but it’s never too late to spazz!!! I am such a Mako fan <3 Maybe even Iroh fan depending how cool he keeps acting in the next season =3 Yes… I’m fangirling over anime characters… so what? Which… seeing awesome cosplays in real life of the characters you love on screen? *screems head off* LOL I really do squeel at times… >.> I can see why there is so much screaming at anime cons now lol~! I’m not to that extreme though~

Well, I reccommend watching this but only after watching Avatar: The last airbender
Both: awesome. But I do have to admit I like ATLA more >.> hey..what can I say? Sequels fight hard to even try to live up to the original~

OTher than that… today was a sneeze fest for me T.T It’s so sad…. =.= I tried studying today too but it didn’t work out so well.



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