Instant gone tempura


Did you know instant ramen came in Tempura style? This is what I had for lunch one day… it was okay… quite interesting. Honestly… not so bad so I’ll probably eat it again… and hey.. maybe i’ll ask mother to throw in some actual tempura! lol!!

I spent the day at the office doing excel stuff. I made a whole new sheet that is soooo nice~ I called it smexy and Gee said “only you would think an excel sheet is smexy” ….well! IT IS. It’s so easy and and and color coded and there are lines that are hidden but can be unhidden if it is needed.. but most likely not >.>

Oh did I get to mention I’m addicted to Sims Social on fb? >.>It’s been bad… but fun T.T lol!!

Did I get to mention I’m still watching Digimon?
“Tamer… tamer.. it’s not over yet” — guilmon =3 



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