Fireworks setting~


I’m always so… embarrassed… when I put my drawings up… but I run out of things to put sooo… here they are! It’s just a night of doodling and I decided to do some casual design and then I drew pokemon for fun ^^ Ever since AX finished I started up my ‘homework’ again so I have a few doodles~ Though now I’m using some pre-set poses so I can get a feel of doing something different~

Oh right.. Happy 4th of July too~ This year I finally watched the fireworks in a really nice spot. At the beach!! My dad sat in the planter part cause it was… actually a nice spot. So other people started to do so too. So there was a small concrete part that we could put our backs on and the other side was a few feet worth of a drop down o.o But it looks like that may be our spot from now on…. or until we find one that’s even better~


here’s a lovely picture of some of the fireworks~ Didn’t have a lot because I was enjoying the show~  I didn’t know my camera had a fireworks show setting.. it’s cool xD The before pictures are really bad lol!!

Alright… tim eto go watch mroe digimon… lol!!



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