miruku slush~


I finally got that milk slush I’ve been wanting for so loonnngg~ Though… I got strawberry flavored with grass jelly and pudding… not the greatest >.> Next time I’ll have to go caramel and make sure there is some boba in there lol! Seriously it was way too sweet to drink in one sitting >.>

I tried to go back into working today but… I ended up falling asleep on my book >.> It’s been bad. But there is something more interesting than work…

DIGIMON!! <3 lol!! Me and Gee finally found something to watch while doing our hobby type of things~ So while he draws…and I do.. whatever I do… we watch! Digimon!

“Takatomon? I need a new box…”

I keep laughing so much during it… man… kid shows are so much funnier when youre older~ hehe ^^ Actually.. that may not be true… since I think when I Was younger I laughed at it all day. Who wouldn’t?



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