AX 12′ fin.


I know… compared to past year’s… this year’s shopping is slim. But in all honestly.. it’s because I had no idea what I wanted! So I bought a total of 5 phone charms… 2 which are gifts~ The other 3 are either mine or I will give them out… they were actually pretty expensive o.o I also got a pink D10 die for the Muchkins game~ I’m hoping it will bring me luck. BUT!! Getting this die also makes me want to wirewrap it and make a necklace~ So I might just do that >.> Sounds interesting right? THey are all sitting on Copic paper Gee requested and I also got 2 sketchbooks for myself~ With at least making one new design everyday… I’m gonna need a lot of paper~ Regular white paper I always throw away… so why not use a sketchbook?

THat’s my pickings for this year~ I really wanted a Snivy plushie for $25 but I didn’t get it because a guy snapped the good one away from me… literallly. So! No plushie this year……

Oh! I do have to thank the guy at for letting me be Industry for a weekend~ xDD It was quite fun and my sister ended up calling me a ‘goddess’ because I had it. She’s funny xD IT sucks that the money I would have spent on a ticket went straight to parking -.- OH well…

OVerall… for only being at AX for about half the time…that I usually go…. it was good! I Loved my ballgown and I’m glad people loved it too. What is even more awesome is that I was able to say I made everything my peoples were wearing ^^ It sucks but… I do love it~ all the hard work for pictures and letting other people enjoy my work while I sweat in it >.> Why do I do this? Who knows~ It’s just so fun~ ^^

And hey…. I see a picture of me on tumblr! Aha~ <3



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