Debuting and re-debuting!

Day 2 of anime expo … SO TIRING T.T Like… heels and walking and posing and constantly smiling really tires a person out. Oh and not to mention I’ve been wearing heels for the past two days… blisters T.T

So what’s cool is that I already made Tomoyo and my sister wore it to match me~ Man she’s lucky… she always wears the cosplays I already debut and make nice =3= But it went well with me this time~ So we got lots of pictures taken and lots of pictures taken of us.

And what can I say… I LOVE walking in my ballgown!! <333 Time to get starte don my next ballgown~? >.> My prop piece broke btw T.T Kind of sad but expected lol! Peace~ It’s late, time to sleep for Day 3!

ps. Milk SLush and sushi after 10pm? Awesome.



5 thoughts on “Debuting and re-debuting!

  1. Question isnt the zelda in the picture with you the same that was there last year or the year before?The one you uploaded the running GIF of? I just realized it now^^ i didnt this morning when i first watched the post ^^

    • Yep!! She’s our lovely Zelda~ Though we made her wear it that day last minute so she didn’t have time to find all the pieces to the cosplay >.<

  2. And your sister is perfect for wearing your cosplays and its cool that you can decide to make another character and she is wearing the older cosplay of your older character so you both allways fit together and have a little 2 Person group of the same game,anime and so on.You could try to make hermsi a male character cosplay than you are 3 people:) and if there is no male character you can put him in a dress or something xD and if he doesnt want to be a girl character if there is no male character just let him wear Ciels dress than he is a boy in a dress but still a male character^^(i never saw a boy wearing Ciels Ballgown dress even Ciel is a boy i saw only girls wearing it.Are boys such chickens to wear a dress for cosplay?) and you can do a different Ciel and your sister another Ciel or you both do Sebastian and another character maybe the girl that wanted to talk to ciel as he did wear the dress in that one episode(sorry if i dont remember the girls name but it was that one with the curly hair)than you would fit an episode^^.

    • LOL! He would not be happy with wearing any sort of dress xD Not at all.. but that doesn’t mean I can’t make him something cool to wear anyways~ Man Ciel’s ballgown… Old stuff xD I can’t believe I still have that lol!

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