No more capes


I’ll keep this short and simple:

This ballgown is becoming a nightmare >.< Why.. WHY did I decide to make a ballgown with a CAPE?! Okay the ballgown itself was easy/…. its the cape that has me  running for the hills T.T

So while I try to wrap my head around this… I’ll see how much sleep I get tonight…

Oh did I mention that I was a few minutes late on buying my AX ticket? >.> Time to buy it at con! xD Which…. doesn’t seem very promising right now… but I’ll see how it goes….

(btw, difference from this picture and my last is.. well I hand sewed gold button down the front! wo!)



2 thoughts on “No more capes

    • it’s a really poofy dress =3 but I think it looks bigger here because my sister took it from a lower angle (aka the couch as she didn’t want to get off… xD)

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