Mr. Soot


Look MR. Soot ball is not King Fancy-pants Soot ball XDDD It’s not what I ended up doing with my phone but… I thought it was so adorable~ I didn’t do it because it made my phone very.. wobbly… sooo xD I think I already went through that though xD

So today! Ah… got a little more studying done. I still can’t last for very long sitting in a chair and trying to make sense of words >.< It’s.. hard! So I ended up trying to find food to accompany me with the task which.. I think is bad for me considering all I really have at the office is tea and junk food… oh and ramen! But I try to save my ramen stash for special times when I miss lunch or dinner… and what not. I’ll probably get to it more next week, after AX! In the next few days im trying to get so much done and I still haven’t gotten the chance to do so.

I have a problem too… someone commissioned me at the con and paid me in advanced… I said I would ship it to them in the next week or so after they confirm the information through email and if they still didn’t get it they were suppose to email me. Well.. I never got a confirmation email >.> And I don’t want to send the package to possibly the wrong email……. I find that would be worse than waiting to send it… cause I Seriously have trouble read1ing my own handwriting let alone someone else’s. Soooo…. what else can I do but wait?

I had something else planned to post today but photobucket doesn’t like me~ So … you got stuck with something some-what but not completely useless? xD (okay it’s useless info xD)



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