Not yet vegan


More food~ First time I ever went to an all vegetarian and partly vegan place! And from the looks of my past food posts… you know fairly well that I am a meat eater~ Yet… this little shop opened up across the street from my group’s normal boba place so we decided to check it out! We were.. pleasantly surprised~ Above was our snack of a lunch xD Garlic mushroom flatbread (YUM T.T) and a fruit bowl~ It was all to-go which is why it’s not in the best presentation status xD Still… so good~ I want to go back but …. I normally like to have some sort of meat in my meal >.> Normally… I do have the days where I don’t want to though xD

On another note… It’s become very routine for me to go to the office during the day. It’s been nice because I’m gradually getting back into the groove of studying and when I get home I get straight to work on cosplay~ So my days have been more productive ^^ And for AX being this week… I’m still procrastinating on getting my cosplay done. I honestly don’t know where my wig is o.o Time to go… fish it out!

And this made me laugh and smile today~ (you’ll get it if you watch Avatar)



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