Just enough sparkle


FINALLY got a new case for my phone =3 I know I didn’t have my white one for long but… it got dirty so easily and it didn’t work as nicely as I would have hoped… SO~ I bought this black case for… $3 online which isn’t so bad actually~ I already decorated it ^^ You can see my dirty phone in the corner of the picture xDDD I haven’t put it on yet because these snap on cases are hard for me to take off without possibly ruining the phone or the case >.> Also I want to redo my invisible shield >.> My keys killed it basically xDD

Oh so can you tell why I put those things on my case~? The top is my logo =333 hehe~ Then underneath is the soot ball from TOTORO <3 THose devious little things need to be loved too ^^ I actually was about to put a crown on it and a bowl at the bottom but… then it would make my phone lopsided when I put it on a flat surface >.> see? I’m thinking ahead~

Ah so I know I didn’t post yesterday… I ended up going home super late and spent a good 5 hours helping someone make a cosplay T.T The things I do honestly >.> So I was so tired by the time I got home I barely did anything before sleeping… which was such a nice sleep.

And today… I ended up going to the office and doing things not very productive… internet was down for maybe half the day which sucked. How do people go on without internet anymore >.> So I’m in the process of decorating my office space~ I shall take a picture when I’m done! Hopefully~~ OTher than that…. tea and late night popcorn~



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