Finally tried on the base of my white dress =3 It’s SOOO fun to twirling around in~~~ Like… my sister was rolling her eyes at me at one point xD It seriously so fun having a bigger ballgown!! <3 But it still looks like a wedding dress at this point >.> Though honestly… I can’t see it as a wedding dress… OH also forgive the clothes in the picture… the mirror is in front of my brother’s messy closet >.<

But before I did this… I had a 3 hour meeting this morning at the board of equalization -.- tedious stuff, at one point I seriously stopped listening. xD But it was very… interesting regardless. THe supervisor looked like the monopoly guy and he loved winking at me at random times…. but it wasn’t creepy because he did it in a funny way xD I think he just wanted to see me not so… bored. Which is understandable right? Right? Not creepy >.> Right.

I then came home to read my book for like.. 3 hours. why? Not like it was good… I was just.. tired and didn’t feel like doing anything. especially tax. So I think I’ll end this night off with some anime! And hopefully I have a good food post for tomorrow ^^



3 thoughts on “Floofyness

  1. The dress looks so pretty*-* i would also twirl around in it if i would have such a dress :3 and even it looks like a wedding dress where is the bad thing about it if there is later your own wedding you can use it as a wedding dress(if you dont have a wedding in another way without a pretty white dress) and it is much cooler to have a selfmade one than some of those simple standart ones from wedding dress shops because you can give it your own personal touch and i think it is “cheaper”(i dont know how much fabric and such costs but i bet it is cheaper because most selfmade things are^^)
    and a thing to your brother if he maybe reads it ones you are on your blog checking the comments Tidy up your closet !!! it is a total messO_O

  2. and one question could you upload an all around look of the dress:3 i would love to see it from every viewpoint to see the whole prettyness(if this is even a word^^)of it only if it is not to much work for you to get pictures from everyviewpoint and if you find the time to do it:3

    • lol!! I always tell him to clean up his closet! xD I’ll get pictures hopefully this weekend~ This dress was actually pretty expensive for my standard but… I think if I did the same style with actual wedding fabric it would increase by two fold >.<

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