It’s breathing green…


I might have failed to mention that after the first day of AM2 (which was Friday) me and Gee had some time to go to Downtown Disney! Why? Well honestly.. I’m not sure.. but it was packed and…. it was nice~ Some people were dancing while others were listening to the live performances there. It was nice, then again it IS Disney xD

While there we were just surprised that they did this lovely piece out of … well guess….. LEGOS! Quite amazing really… it looks like its made out of legos and I really hope it is. Either way… awesome.

All my cosplay stuff is cleaned up =3 So now working on a space that is fresh and new should be fun~ I love a clean desk… who wouldnt? This weekend seriously felt so long… yet so … surreal. I can’t wait for AX…. though it’s sad that I can’t afford it this year T.T I just… put too much money out on the table and I didn’t make enough back ….. so the rock rolls down the hill creating a domino effect,soo… to summarize: money put out -> table -> no ones buys -> no cosplay money -> no con money -> less of me around! T.T

But it’s fine… hopefully the next table event will go better…



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