Like a cute sword!


I don’t know how many of you might think this is cute… but I think it’s soooooo epic-ly cute!!! <3 It reminds me of a sword.. so it’s more nerdy than anything I suppose xD I really do like it.. it would make a wonderful necklace pendent or even a dangling part to a bookmark! =3 Soo… I’m thinking I will buy it as a treat to myself once AM2 is over xD (wait, just thought of something else… would it be too much as a phone charm? xD I really do love the pearl on top =3)

So today was ….. relaxing. But then it caught up to me and I ended up staying at the offiece till almost midnight o.o See… I went home around 8 because… well I felt like it. Just as I got home my mother was backing out in her car and saw me! So she waited until I parked to signal me over and ask if I finish the papers >.> Nope….. (I was going to do them tomorrow T.T) So she dragged me back to the office (with food, WO?) And I ended up there for another 3 ish hours? Bright side… my work is almost done =3 So that is one step closer to getting paid and being able to go onto my next thing =3 (which is seriously becoming an endless list…)

But that is one good thing about being in my ‘prime’ years…. I have so much I can do and I think right now is the best time to do them! hence why I’ll be hosting my very own table in the artist alley and seeing how people react to my stuff. If its good… then I’ll have a full booth by next year =3 And cheaper prices! (because I really hate to over price… but I don’t have a choice right now T.T)

sad note: some of my clay things got squished T.T Time to re do… hing.



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