Cuppa tea~


I decided to stay at the office most of the day today~ I had maybe 4 cups (cuppas?) of teas today~ So…. you know, sitting in once spot for a long was quite hard xD I can see why my brother loves staying at the office by the way. When I was there alone I just watched netflix or laid out fabric on the table and planned. There is basically endless room for me and my lovely fabric~

Btw. Been loving Green tea lately <3 still, it can’t pass jasmine ^^

I started to watch the TV show Ugly Betty because… well I’m done with Project Runway Australia season 1!!! It was like a few yeaars ago >.> But comparing it from Project Runway Korea? SO DIFFERENT. It’s odd how this fashion is trying to combine something whacky with something commercial. Granted it’s also funny to see what commercial is in different place. SO, the next thing after Ugly Betty and Game of Thrones is season 8 of America’s Project Runway =3 So can’t wait!!



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