Looks like flash


Don’t you love how dirty mirrors can be? Yea… dirt. Wo. xD

I feel kind of bad this post will mainly be a ranting post. Which I suppose I need every now and then anyways right? Yea…. I’ve just been under a lot of stress >.> And shopping therapy would normally quell that emotional burden but… it didn’t today. Want to know why? Because the dress I’ve been seeking has not been found T.T So today I went online and found it and all the smalls for the color I don’t want are gone. I’m glad, but I’m not because it means the smalls for the color I DO want can disappear and never return!  Yea.. with Forever21, that is likely to happen. Their clothing is like Gee’s music ADD =.= (har har)

And right now… I know I won’t forgive myself if I don’t get that dress. Weird right? I dunno… just something… I really want. And I have 2 weeks until my dooooommm -.- And all I want is a hug and some sweat shop workers >.> lol!!

Did I mention I keep getting people who are constantly noting me for commission quotes? I mean.. I LOVE that because it makes me happy that they believ eI can do a good job! But… I just can’t take everything right now -.- I have all my side hobbies adding onto my actual job as well as studying…. and all I’m thinking now is holy crap. So don’t let the smile-ish in the picture fool ya xD

So…. I suppose that is the end of my rant. I did order more headbands because I want to have more than 10 to sell xD I guess that’s a good point in my day.



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