It’s a popcorn day


KEttle corn is my absolute favorite~ After finally discovering it.. I could never go back to regular butter popcorn xD But this seriously sums up my day even though I didn’t eat this today. Odd right? Here I’ll tell you how….

I basically watched half of (and the rest of) How I Met Your Mother. Never heard about it? Well hurry up and get aboard the legen— wait for it —- dary train~ xDDD Sorry, inside joke. Yes. wanna figure it out? Get inside and watch How I Met Your Mother!!

I also got an episode of project runway in.. which is lovely. I’m also really sad I couldn’t find where I left my really old glasses prescription… hing. Time to go to the eye doctor T.T

I’ve also been still experimenting with the pokemon ears… AHH, It’s getting on my last nerves at this point T.T I’ll just keep watching more shows >.>



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