Ta daa! *shows*



Lovely day outside today~ But I spent most of the day trying to make sure Gee felt alright >.> He really shouldn’t get sick and still hang out with me…. it doesn’t make me go away xDD When he felt better we went to the arboretum at school and finally snapped this picture! Yea … there are more but… I think this one sums it all up xD I absolutely love this space! It’s great and I really want to do a photoshoot here =3

Oh don’t mind me in the middle. I just wore a plain black dress because… well… I was only meeting someone out to lunch and I knew I would be walking a lot today. So I think casual attire was smart~ Casual yet… simplisitc~ OH and because of the light in the back it makes the dress look odd. IT actually puffs out more at the sides and middle o.o It’s the same black dress I got last week anyways xD

Other than that…. today was a boba + bread day~ Nothing new soo.. I’ll leave it at that!! Time to do some work before sleeping!



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