A dress turned Asian


I had quite an eventful day. Went out shopping for a bit and was surprisingly productive with it! The dress you see above.. I didn’t get >.< It’s cute but.. I don’t think I would wear it that often? Plus I would make some few alterations >.> But I did like how it looks very… Asian… on me. xD So I’m showing here for fun~ I think I’ve been very… blue lately. xD

I wore a blue dress today… had to wear something nice for work >.< Had some work to attend to this morning… ended up having a pretty crappy lunch because of it xD But on the bright side, I got so much done today I feel great~ Like.. I hot ALOT done. Hopefully tomorrow I don’t have much to do with actual work so I can get to finish a few sets of ears! (wo!) I’m stressing out about it but at the same time.. I know I will get it all done. Comon. It’s me~ And I will NOT skimp out on my products. No shortcuts T.T oh well.

so…. much to do. I’ll stop writing to get started on that xD
Oh and… Kasu you have to stop buying me stuff -.- I’m happy but man… I seriously need to get some good food into you or when I find something that’s so you I’ll get it~ xD



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