So eevee-ear-ful


In the process eevee evolution ears =3 Arn’t they pretty? xDD
This is kind of what I’ve been doing.. kind of. It’s been a lot of tv watching and… family bonding time.. xD

But the ears are turning out great! At this point I am making replicas from a set pattern and at the same time experimenting with other stuff~ I did get to finish a cute new phone strap idea but I’m still playing around with it~

Looks like sitting at the artist alley table will be quite… lonely? Well okay not lonely, I won’t be alone XD Just… everyone we asked to go help us with it has some other plans or can’t get out of other plans. It’s really sad… but hey. Maybe its fate. Maybe doing the artist table just with Gee is what is meant to happen! In that case… we will hopefully find some gleaming light at the end of a tunnel xD Or light at the beginning of the tunnel.. xD

So I’m also gonna go take another state test… looks like I have a summer to study and take it! >.> Oh gosh… how parents just want you to learn everything…



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