I went shopping with my brother and sister a few days ago for my brother to find clothes actually. But I went to the sales rack of some of the stores and found this! What is this? It’s just a regular black dress…. but it was only $5 which is why I love it~ I mean honestly.. I can’t make this dress with just $5 worth of fabric and time so… why not? It’s nothing special.. has some ruffles at the top. I love this peach blazer~ I like how it brings just the right color into my wardrobe ^^ I want another blazer… white preferably… white and a darker peach! Or dark blue… >.>

Yea… I’ve been ‘working’ lately at the office so I had to wear a little bit nicer clothing~ Which honestly.. I’m glad I’m not really in short supply of anymore. It’s harder for me to find clothes to look really… casual o.o Thank goodness lol! But don’t worry, I’m still working on it~

Today.. man… It’s been weird. happy but irritated and.. ugh. Whatever. It’s been one of my better days of the past few though~ wo! I’ve been REALLY Happy because I finally got back to reading ^^ Been reading a novel I learned through a staff pick… been loving it~ I’ll have to update on it once I Get more into it (currently on chapter 5?)

Oh! I also ordered my business cards =3 I can’t wait until they come in!! =3



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