More ice cream please?


When  I first saw this in the fridge I thought it was something you had to microwave o.o Can you image how disastrous and gross that would be!? Why? Because its ice cream o.o From what I ate… it was some sort of caramel pecan vanilla ice cream of a sorts xD Don’t believe me? Here:


See? Had some layer of whatever on the bottom and/.. honestly? I didn’t like it. >.>But… I’ll take any ice cream I can get my hands on ….

Lately my days haven’t been going well. IT’s… it’s been hard. I don’t want to rant here because I think I rant enough and still then… I think people are getting sick of it. Sooooo….. it leads to…. me sucking it up and dealing with it either way I guess? Cause let’s face it… rant or no rant, I’ll still be doing the same thing xD

Today though, I went to starbucks on my way home from the office and I sat in there for maybe 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes a  little girl came up and sat next to me (I was sitting on those high stool chairs) and she asked me what I was drawing and if she could draw her family in my sketch book xD I thought it was the cutest thing ever =3 so… I sat there and decided to draw her a cute waitress girl! But she left… so she barely got to see anything… it’s sad but I’m glad. She gave me something to sketch and I love it~ I’ll have to upload it tomorrow ^^

Yep… sitting around starbucks wasn’t bad… I would rather go to a boba shop but honestly.. boba… tea… is expensive!! More expensive than a measly venti green ice tea sweetened (yet so goood)~ At the rate of moods I’ve been having… there has to be lots of tubs of green tea in the freezer to comfort me >.<



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