Food to start summer off


Today was a nice way to start off my summer =3 Yesterday was my last final (as you could probably read) and I wasn’t really happy afterwards… I think my brain just died that day. BUT! Today. Today was lovely~

We went to a Korean owned French Bakery today in the vicinity of my school~ It was… really nice in the bakery! They have the cute little pudding bottles!! AHHH! I got a picture that I’ll probably crave about when I buy all 3 flavors they have next time (that’s like $7 right there >.>) But I want them… then I want to either 1. fill the jar with stars or 2. grow a plant in it…? lol! Or fill it with beads… that might be cute!!

The picture you see above is more of a dessert. I believe it was a crossiant type of thing with strawberry whippped cream filling which was DELISH~ I mean… omgsh, I really likes it… We also got a nutty custard strawberry thing, garlicy brick toast, some bread rolls~ and a mango tart thing? Most of it was good…. man. we are so addicted to bakeries T.T

Did I mention I woke up SUPER early? So right now I feel sooo dead >.< Also just got over such a massive headache, I blame contacts.

We also made graduation Leis! I’ll have to get pictures up later =3 They are fairly easy to make… I didn’t know that xD I should’ve tried making them starting a long time ago… lol!

OH! I also bought a dress today =3 why? Cause I could and because I did =3 Loveleh eh? It’s blue.. I really want to go buy buttons to replace the ones on the dress to make it look just plain awesome~ I may soon if I find cheap enough buttons… heh…hehehe… >.>



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