Man, take a hint

Take a hint, take a hint!!

No you can’t buy me a drink xP I thought of this song recently because some guys just can’t take a hint -.- It’s because this guy asked me out after class to like coffee and what not before which I declined because coffee at 7pm just sounds bad anyways xD But no…. I can tell by what he does that he’s not interested in being just my friend…. so lately I would ignore him or just bluntly tell him stuff but. eh. So today after I helped him out for the final he decided to invite me out to get me a drink. … LOL! CAuse yea, little asian girl can hold her liquor -.- One drink? One won’t let me drive I bet xD

That’s why I thought of this song xD Kind of fitting no? Guys… sigh. I get kind of sick of always being hit on but the guys that find new ways to do it are very entertaining xD For awhile~



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