Cake for the mom~

PhotobucketHappy Mama’s Day xP There are actually.. 3 mom’s in my house so we got them one big cake with “Happy mother’s Day X3″~ IT really looks like XS at the bottom though xD But it’s 3! my grandma looked so happy cutting the cake xD It’s heart shaped and… she actually cut it in a creative way.. I wouldn’t have thought of it lol.

My family doesnt really.. give flowers even if I suggest it. xD It’s just.. not right. Unless it’s orchids or something~ expensive flowers there!!

Ah mothers… though parents can get on your nerves, in the end they are just looking out for you (for the most point, I think there is a slice of exploiting talents and what not in there) lol~ ITs sad though, today all I did was study and take breaks with phone games and some facebook >.< Mainly studying. I got a lot done! I’m pretty confident for this week! okay minus Wed >.> Crap -.-


Anyho~ Best of wishes to all the mother’s out there ^^ (isn’t half eaten cake just the BEST to look at? xP)



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