Gluttonizer =3

Recently Gee started a food blog for fun~ I have to say it’s pretty awesome~ See unlike this blog where you get a lot of me ranting or just some random posts… a blog dedicated only to one thing (like the awesomeness of food) is pretty nice~ OH right.. here’s the link:

Visit it!! It’s great =3

It’s all about food and the critiques~ Some bad things we have tried.. some good. I honestly should just stop bloging about food on here and just let Gee take over it~ But luckily, he doesn’t post on the food I eat at home! Sooo~ I guess you can’t escape food from this place either ^-^

I can’t say much for today though… it’s finals week now and I’m way over my head with studying and tests. I’m really mad because in most of my classes I have basically A- sooo…. along the lines of 90-92% which normally would be a good thing but I don’t like how my whole grade revolves around a cumulative test at the end T.T It’s just so much stress! So the weekend is dedicated to studying.. I’ll try to get some cosplay things in but.. eh. I will hopefully be posting some really nice news on my cosblog this week ^^ I’ll try to sneak in a post~




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