Boil that crab~


Now today was a really great day for food~ We decided to spend a little bit extra money and go to Boiling Crab! IF you don’t know what it is.. well… it’s basically all seafood that you get to eat messily with your hands~ Hence the bib.


This is basically what it looks like~ We normally get cajun fries now because they go really well with it~ Mmm… so we have each a pound of Shrimp(mine), Crawfish (Gee), and Clams (Hea). I love it all but I really really love eating the shrimp~~~ THe crawfish is really good too ^^

Haha sorry if your drooling.. or wondering how the heck I we ate that xD But that was the great part of today~ I want more *.* Hing.

Other than that … found new books to read which I’ll get to eventually. I found the CUTEST skirt for like $15 today but.. ugh.. I don’t have that kind of money to spend on one skirt…. now if it was a little bit more off.. like $10… I would be okay. With tax it jumps to 11 anyways! (ish?) But… ahh… I really hope I don’t regret not getting it T.T It was really cute..!!! LACE! .. IVORY! Okay.. I’m done >.>

I also got a bug bite on the bottom of my foot…. .how? No idea. It started to itch during the mall walking… and it got so annoying >.> Do you have any idea how annoying it is to have this now?! When I walk I always want to itch now!!



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