Being good~


The other day I had a HUGE craving for salad… so I texted home and the message got around enough for me to come home to this lovely beast of a salad =3 I know right… doesn’t seem like much to you but.. man… salad like this is hard to come by at my house lol! Food.. is hard to come by at my house >.>

Today was… so fun. It was the last day of classes for me =3 All my classes seemed so deserted because it was all just review! But I Went to it all like a good girl =3 I did get to meet a few new people today.. but only really cared about one >.> Is that mean? I don’t think so because the one I did care about has soo much potential … but that’s all I’ll say~ Time for me and Gee to work some magic now hehe~

That’s what made my day… just talking to new people and adding to the crazy. My favorite part?
Me: It’s okay I can just learn to speak Korean!
Gee:  An-yŏng-ha-se-yo. (안녕하세요)
Girls across from us: -death glare-

It was hilarious xD that and seeing a white guy speak really good Viet as well as nail the Asian squat LOL~ Ohhh… I love the few friends I Really do make. They just… bring so much fun in my life xD



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