*runs around*


This weekend was mainly filled with Artist Alley planning. AM2 is coming up in a few weeks (like 6?) and I only have … 1 perfect product done. …. but on the bright side: I can mass produce easily now =3 I just.. have to bring things to school to cut and what not… everyday… -.- OR! I can just try to do all my studying at school and start cutting and what not at home… but that doesn’t seem so likely >.>;; Week before finals.. its crunch time >.<

Above you can see a tad bit of Eevee’s ears. I looked at my past eevee ears and… I think these are cleaner and sturdier~ I need pictures of my Jolteon ones soon~~ (or know as Blitz-something in German? xD I forgot it exactly). I’m really excited.. I’m also freaking out -.-

I just couldn’t help it >.> I’ve been on tumblr waaay too much xDD Plus its the whole Merlin thing~~ Hehe. Okay… I’m a bit wonky~

Ahh… I miss Merlin T.T </3 Season 5 hurry up and release!!!!!!! But for now.. I’ll catch up on Nikita and watch some Project Runway!!



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