Deco it out~


I looked at the back of my phone today after only 2 days of cleaning the case and.. it was already dirty again!! I guess that’s what I get for thinking I could keep a white case clean >.< Sooo… I decided to put something on the back of my phone so it won’t get dirty from touching the surfaces anymore >.> Yet… I wasn’t really prepared to do anything to it soo I had to make do with what I had on hand.

Thanks to Kasu whose gift finally got used~ I love this bow~ It props up my phone so it slants and makes it easier to type… I also added a par at the bottom with gems so the bottom wouldn’t get dirty either!! I think I have a picture… oh here!


The back is still not filled and I know what I Want to fill the middle space with (a silver crown!! <3) I put all of this on so it’s interchangeable (I can take it off with ease~) Decently cute for what I Had on hand no?

Yep.. that’s the big thing I did today -.- Oh.. and I finished Merlin Season 4 :3333 SOOO excited for season 5!!!! <3



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