Classic Yellow~

imageI’ve been addicted to Pokemon lately. Does this ring any bells? It’s from Pokemon YELLOW! NEver played it? THen you are way too young :P
Actually… I never played it until now either… I did play red I think…

It’s team rocket in the image~ I didn’t know what to name Ash so I just did Chuu like Pikachu! lol! And don’t mind my pokemon name.. I took the first 4 letters of the pokemon then repeated the first 2 again. So Pikachu is Pikapi and Caterpie (which is shown as butterfree now) is Cataca~ Kinda ugly? Yea… but I don’t like having my pokemon’s name in all caps… I ended up changing the names to gemstones later.. lol!

btw. Still not done with the game. >.> Almost though… almost. all my pokemon are above lvl 30~ Wanna know my team so far?

Pikachu, Butterfree, Charizard, Blastoise,Venasaur, Pigot (sp?)

Anyways… yellow. Gotta go back to the classics eventually~ I got my Vulpix but decided not to use her T.T OH well~

Oh today? Worked on pokemon ears =3 I’m REALLY excited on how they are turning out. Very legit~




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