Huge red… thing.


A somewhat pouty picture to make up for not really posting yesterday…  >.> I didn’t forget to.. I actually just got too caught up in playing Dragon Nest to do so xDD I know… bad =.=

Well before I go on, I’ll explain the picture. We were at a store.. I think it was Ross? But they have some very interesting headbands there!! So I put this one on in which… Gee took a picture of because there was no mirror around xD A little girl was by and she like.. looked in awe at me xDD This this was.. REALLY interesting. Now is it a good or bad interesting? I’ll let you decide that for yourself ~ So the result was this picture.. don’t really like it but…. eh.. I’ve been lazy with picture taking lately xDD my bad >.>

So yesterday.. man I don’t remember much. Just school and some light shopping if I remember correctly. I was able to  pick two things out for GEe to wear and he picked out some 2 pretty hideous things for me -.- IT was fun though =3

Today on the other hand… we had a bread and boba run again~ I would blog on it but.. guess what? Gee is doing a food blog to not only document all the wonderful (And not so wonderful) places we eat at but to also rate them!! Great huh? Once that gets rolling a bit more I’ll consider posting the link here to share =3 THat’s only if you want to get jealous of all the good looking food =333

Anyways… Finals is coming up sooon!! I also got a B (And me alone because my group mates …. were…. not cooperative….) on the group project… THey all got A’s though. Wo. Im not extremely happy about it but at the same time, I don’t care anymore because I’m planning to beat everyone’s butt on the final test. I almost aced the last one, I can do the same for this one. :3 Watch out group mates, I’ll set the curve!!




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